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Every day we use electrical lighting in some way or another in our home or at our place of work. Electrical lighting is becoming safer and easier to use, with all the advances in technology. Our electricians can help you update your lighting and take care of your repairs.

Switches come in a wide variety of colors and shapes and offer different amounts of functionality.

You probably don’t give much thought to the fact that today we simply flip a switch to turn the lights on in a room.

Even though electricity has only been present in most homes for a few generations, we tend to take it for granted. When our light switch is out of order, only then we realize how much we need switches to perform properly. 


Types Of Switches We Offer

When you find yourself in need of a light switch installation or repair, Knight Electrical Inc is just a phone call or click away. We can demonstrate for you all the different types of light switches there are to choose from and help you to pick out the best ones most suited for your needs. There are many different types of switches available today, including toggle switches, dimmer switches, motion-activated, photo-electric, smart switches, and more.

Light switches can be a personal choice and they can also be the determining factor of a what functionality is needed. Some people are fine with the cheaper switch options while others may want the latest switch technology in every room.

Toggle Switches

Toggle switches are the most common types of switches used today. Although very dependable, they do sometimes begin to fail and need to be replaced.

Dimmer Switches

These types of switches are useful for many reasons. With a dimmer switch, you can now set your lights to the brightness level you prefer. Dimmer switches are available in a variety of designs depending on what brand they are.

Not all dimmers are rated for every kind of light. It is important to choose a dimmer according to what it will be controling.

Smart Switches

Smart switches are one of the latest developments in modern technology. 

A smart switch can be set to a variety of specific brightness levels and colors. The brightness of lights can be set between 1% to 100% and the user can also set its timetable for automatic turn on and off. A smart can be utilized any place in your home or business it is needed, and can usually be set up adjusted using a smartphone app.

Motion Switches

Motion switches sense movement and operate accordingly. These switches can be a great option for outdoor security lighting as well as convenetly operating hallway lights, bathroom lights etc.

Photo-Electric Switches

Photo-electric switches operate by completing the circuit when it detects darkness. These are most often used to control outside lights so you never have to remember to turn lights on when it starts getting dark or turn them off when it starts getting light out.

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